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Sarah Curro is a first violinist with a passion for a variety of genres of music. When she’s not performing on stage with the MSO, she can be found working on her solo project, VOLUME, which celebrates ten years in 2019. Learn more about Sarah below by listening to her specially curated playlist featuring a variety of musical styles!

Which upcoming concert are you most excited about performing in?
Ghostbusters! Elmer Bernstein is a total legend of 80’s movies because of that score.

Outside of classical music, what’s your favourite music genre?
I love pure wordless electronic music. But I have far too many favourites to name (and it would make my playlist too long!)

What song did you grow up listening to?
Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Is there a particular song that you just can’t get out of your head right now?
Normally it’s anything my son Oscar is singing… right now it’s Friend Like Me from Aladdin.

Is there a song that calms your nerves?
Anything from the Worry Free album by David Jones and Carmen Warrington.

What’s your go-to workout song?

Is there a piece of music that has a special place in your heart?
I absolutely adore Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem.

What’s your all-time favourite piece to perform?
Jane Hammond’s That Wild Mercury Sound for semi-acoustic violin and backing track. This one isn’t on Spotify, but you can listen to it’s five minutes of joy here.

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