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Mso Opening Gala 1

The Musicians.

I am pleased to be back with the musicians that I love after more than five months. It’s going to be a very special evening!

Mso Opening Gala 2

The Music.

Immortal Beethoven and then two supreme opera composers of the 18th century, Wagner and Verdi. Both born in the same year, 1813!

Mso Opening Gala 3

Nelson Freire.

He is a giant among pianists, and I am thrilled to be making music with him for the first time!

Mso Opening Gala 4

Stuart Skelton.

We are well acquainted and I am a huge fan!

Mso Opening Gala 5

Carl Vine.

We introduce our Composer in Residence, Carl Vine. His Microsymphony encompasses the dramatic features one expects from a symphony, but compressed into just 12 minutes. It’s the perfect curtain raiser!

Sir Andrew Davis images: Peter Tarasiuk

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