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Music has definitely been something that has helped keep our family sane during lockdown! We have a two and a four-year-old, Harriet and Benjamin, and I’m sure all the parents out there can attest to how difficult it is being cooped up at home without being able to explore the local playground.

We use music as a bit of an escape, and a good alternative to television and screen time. We start the day with some sing-a-longs to put everyone in a good mood. Caspar Babypants has really fun songs. I also had to put some Frozen 2 in there because, well… pre-schoolers! I’m also a closet Disney musical fan so secretly I love it as much as the kids do.

Rich (my partner and trombonist in the Orchestra) and I listen to a lot of orchestral music at home. Usually we play upcoming repertoire, but since we’re not performing at the moment, we tend to pick out favourite symphonies or music that tells a story. Harriet has been learning about space and the solar system, so Holst’s The Planets with the MSO has become very popular lately.

Her favourites are Jupiter and Mars. Mars especially because it’s loud and exciting! Strauss also writes such amazing music, and An Alpine Symphony is a great reminder of why we love what we do. Sometimes we put on the storm movements and get the kids running around outside pretending to be a thunderstorm to burn off some energy!

Over dinner we have Mum and Dad’s choice: Arcade Fire, Asgeir, Radiohead… a bit of anything really! We usually have an impromptu dance party after dinner too (it’s a great way to convince the kids to put their toys away and clear the floor to make room!). Harriet and Benny currently LOVE 80’s rock, so you’ll see a bit of KISS with the MSO in the playlist. Our other dance party faves include Vulfpeck, MGMT, and Lizzo (I don’t know if it’s good parenting to be teaching my kids to sing about feeling good as hell, but at least they’re singing, right?)

Consider this playlist the greatest hits to our daily lives. When life gets a little crazy (like right now), music is the perfect way to keep you sane!

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