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Now and Forever Future Fund

Since its first performance in 1906 the Orchestra has earned a reputation for offering the very best in orchestral music, nurturing home-grown talent and collaborating with guest artists and organisations from across the world. However, to continue to serve its communities and maintain its momentum as a leading cultural organisation, sustained, secure, and steady growth (particularly following the events of 2020) are a critical priority for the MSO.

As we consider the innovation, infrastructure, resources, education and training needs, and the career and development pathways of artists that will fortify and enable the MSO to flourish, we are looking to the future and working strategically to lay the right foundations.

We have an ambitious target to raise a base endowment which will provide a stable source of revenue over the longer term through careful, independent investment of the corpus and utilising the annual returns from that capital. In short, this means that the MSO will be able to enhance the delivery of all facets of its services and better weather the storm of events outside the Orchestra’s control – the benefits of which will be reaped by our audiences, our artists, our sector, and our business for years to come.

“The MSO is a vital link in connecting the community with music and is recognised globally as one of the world’s best orchestras – artistically, and in providing opportunities for meaningful music engagement. Now more than ever, the MSO’s Now and Forever Future Fund will ensure that we will be able to continue and build on this in perpetuity.”

-David Li AM, Chair, MSO Board

This project is high impact, long lasting and far reaching and the MSO is deeply committed to working with our donors and partners to secure our future and deliver for our artists, audiences, and the art form, for the next 100+ years.

The MSO is seeking support from the philanthropic and corporate community to support the Now and Forever Future Fund. For more information about how you can be involved, please contact:

Suzanne Dembo
Director of Philanthropy and External Affairs

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