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Tuesday 19 November 2024

7:30pm at Hamer Hall


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Jaime Martín conductor


Beethoven Symphony No.1
Beethoven Symphony No.3 Eroica

About this performance

The MSO’s Beethoven Festival kicks off at Hamer Hall with the First and Third symphonies. Consider this concert the musical Sparknotes version of how Beethoven constructed a symphonic footbridge between the Classical and Romantic eras.

  • In his First symphony, Beethoven dips his toes in the symphonic waters by honouring the music of Haydn with oodles of classical charm and wit. Intentionally off-putting, it starts in the ‘wrong key’ before settling into C major, and a Haydn-esque joke opens the finale – the setup is hesitant and gloomy before the musical punchline transforms it into a light, sparkling thrill.
  • The heroic Eroica symphony saw Beethoven break away from the overt influence of Mozart and Haydn to develop his own original voice. It was this, his rousing Third Symphony, that ignited the musical revolution that would become the Romantic era.

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes including interval

Listen to Beethoven's Third Symphony

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