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Thursday 30 June 2022

7:30pm at Hamer Hall

Friday 01 July 2022

7:30pm at Hamer Hall

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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Xian Zhang conductor
Lu Siqing violin
Sen Guo soprano
Jacqueline Dark alto
Diego Torre
MSO Chorus
Warren Trevelyan-Jones chorus master


小提琴: 吕思清
合唱指导:Warren Trevelyan-Jones


Zhao Jiping Violin Concerto No.1
Beethoven Symphony No.9



About this performance

Xian Zhang, the first female conductor to hold a titled role with a BBC Orchestra, joins forces with the MSO, MSO Chorus, and violinist Lu Siqing to present this program featuring Beethoven’s enduring symphonic masterpiece.

  • Zhao Jiping is one of China’s most active and internationally-regarded composers, whose film scores have twice earned him the coveted Golden Rooster Award for Best Music. His Violin Concerto No. 1 bathes us in soaring melodies and lush harmonies, played by illustrious violinist and MSO Artistic Ambassador Lu Siqing.
  • Beethoven’s truly epic final symphony features a huge orchestra, impressive singers in gorgeous gowns, an enormous choir producing a wall of sound, and the famous Ode to Joy in what has been described as the ‘symphony to end all symphonies’. Need we say more?

Duration: approx. 2 hours including interval


作为首位在 BBC 交响乐团冠名的女性指挥家,张弦将与MSO、MSO 合唱团和著名小提琴家吕思清同台演绎这部贝多芬经久不衰的交响旷世杰作《第九交响曲》。

  • 赵季平是中国最活跃、最受国际认可的作曲家之一,他的电影配乐曾两次为他赢得梦寐以求的金鸡奖最佳音乐奖。 他的第一小提琴协奏曲让我们沉浸在飞扬的旋律和丰富的和声中,由杰出的小提琴家和 MSO 艺术大使吕思清演奏。
  • 《第九交响曲》堪称贝多芬真正史诗般的交响曲。MSO拥有一支阵容庞大的管弦乐队、穿着华丽礼服技艺精湛的歌唱艺术家们及一个大型的合唱团同台演出,届时将为观众带来一场盛况空前的视听盛宴!演出结尾将带来被描述为“终结所有交响乐的交响乐”的欢乐颂,敬请期待。

演出时长:约 2小时,包括中场休息。

COVIDSafe Information

The MSO and the venues in which we perform will operate under government health and safety guidelines in place at the time of the event. Entry to this event will require ticket holders to comply with the relevant COVID-19 protocols as directed by the venue, which may include providing proof of COVID-19 vaccination or valid medical exemption. Up-to-date information will be included in the pre-concert email sent to attendees a few days prior to the performance.

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