MSO Classic Kids

Peter and the Wolf



Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Nicholas Bochner conductor
Joey Lai narrator
Annie Forbes puppets
Tim Denton puppets
Jess Hitchcock soloist

About the performance

The MSO presents Peter and the Wolf, a classic introduction for the young – and young at heart – to the sights and sounds of a symphony orchestra. The irreverent story of Peter and his menagerie of animals has resonated deeply with generations of children, and this special MSO production has been developed to bring the imaginative world of music alive for young audiences through puppets from award-winning puppeteers Annie Forbes and Tim Denton, led by actor and narrator Joey Lai.

It might be a wolf eat duck world out there, but this production of Prokofiev’s story shows us that with enough help from their friends, a boy and a bird can work together to catch a wolf and save the day.

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