Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto

Pictures at an Exhibition



Jakub Hrůša conductor
Vadim Gluzman violin


Dvořák The Wood Dove
Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto
Mussorgsky/Ravel Pictures at an Exhibition

About the performance

Brilliant young Czech maestro Jakub Hrůša returns to the MSO with Dvořák’s subtly scored orchestral ballad, The Wood Dove, based on a Czech legend of infatuation and murder in a rural village. A muted funeral march, a typical Dvořákian wedding dance and the tragic epilogue, relieved by the song of the wood dove. Ukranian-born Vadim Gluzman is a superb violinist of the Russian school and his interpretation of the beloved Tchaikovsky concerto with its fiery virtuosity and wistful poetry is not to be missed.

Mussorgsky’s wrote his famous memorial to his dear friend, the artist Victor Harmann in the form of a suite of piano pieces depicting the composer “roving through the exhibition, now leisurely, now briskly, in order to come closer to a picture that had attracted his attention, and at times sadly, thinking of his departed friend.”

Ravel was on his own mission when he orchestrated the suite in 1922. With a strong experimental impulse he introduces new sounds with the saxophone and celeste, and explores the outermost reaches of instrumental possibilities in his search for new colours and contrasts. Revel in Ravel’s great 20th century orchestral showpiece.

Pre-concert talk

Join artist manager, writer, and producer, Megan Steller, ahead of the performances on Friday and Saturday nights for a special pre-concert conversation inside Hamer Hall from 6.15pm.

Post-concert talk

Join composer and ABC Classic producer, Andrew Aronowicz for a post-concert conversation in the Stalls Foyer of Hamer Hall following the performance.


指挥 雅各 胡萨
小提琴 瓦迪姆 格鲁兹曼


德沃夏克 野鸽
柴可夫斯基 小提琴协奏曲
穆索尔斯基/拉威尔 图画展览会


才华横溢的青年捷克指挥大师雅各·胡萨(Jakub Hrůša)此次重返墨尔本交响乐团,带来德沃夏克编曲精妙的管弦歌谣——《野鸽》。这首歌谣取材于一个发生在捷克的一个村庄里的、迷恋与谋杀的传奇故事。乐章包含轻柔的葬礼进行曲、典型的德沃夏克式婚礼舞曲,以及在野鸽的啼叫声中得到升华的悲剧终章。此外,本次演出还包含备受人们喜爱的柴可夫斯基《小提琴协奏曲》,由乌克兰小提琴家瓦迪姆·格鲁兹曼(Vadim Gluzman)演绎;作为俄罗斯学派的杰出小提琴家,他的精湛技艺以及乐曲中令人陶醉的诗意将不容错过。



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