Ravel's Mother Goose

Ears Wide Open



Ravel Ma Mère l’Oye (Mother Goose)


Nicholas Bochner presenter
Brett Kelly conductor

About the performance

We know fairytales are fun, but who knew they made such good music? Ravel certainly thought so, when he composed his playful Mother Goose Suite in 1910 for two young sibling pianists, Mimi and Jean.

Then the French composer took these charming piano pieces and turned them into an orchestral suite, creating a stunning musical world as vivid and enchanting as storybook illustrations.

Ravel composed for the orchestra as if he were painting with a rich palette of colours. And the Mother Goose Suite is the perfect way to explore his orchestration technique.

Join the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on this musical journey through Mother Goose’s stories. Presented by MSO Assistant Principal cellist, Nicholas Bochner, and conducted by MSO Principal trombonist, Brett Kelly, you’ll dance with a sleeping maiden, meet an exotic princess, and soar through the air in a magical fairy garden.

The MSO will perform Ravel’s Mother Goose as part of Mozart’s Requiem. Unlock the piece at Ears Wide Open then experience it in its full splendour on Hamer Hall.

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