Mozart Symphony No. 29

directed by Christopher Moore, at Monash


Please note that train disruptions across May may have an impact on your journey to Robert Blackwood Hall. Click here for more information.

Christopher and members of the MSO will be presenting this performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Wednesday 29 May.


Christopher Moore director / viola
Stefan Cassomenos piano


Pärt Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten
Britten Rondo Concertante
Britten Young Apollo
Mozart Serenata notturna
Mozart Symphony No.29

About the performance

Explosive gestures from the piano, passionate arching phrases from the strings; muscular musical ideas are exchanged between the Orchestra and pianist Stefan Cassomenos in Benjamin Britten’s Rondo Concertante.

Composed under the guidance of Britten’s Australian piano teacher, Arthur Benjamin, this piece – performed by the first time by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – provides a glimpse into the composer the 17-year-old Britten was to become.

Witness a special moment in the MSO’s history as the Orchestra, led by Principal Violist Christopher Moore, presents this striking and emotional work for the very first time.

From his teenage beginnings to his lasting impact after death, the MSO will also perform Arvo Pärt’s Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten, written in honour of the British composer. A single bell tolls and haunting strings begin in their highest register, the contra-basses confined to their lowest notes.

In composing the Cantus, Pärt said he felt “inexplicable feelings of guilt” that he had only truly discovered Britten’s music shortly before he died in 1976.
“Just before his death I began to appreciate the unusual purity of his music,” he said.

“And for a long time I had wanted to meet Britten personally – and now it would not come to that.”

Solemnity is swept aside away by the festive final piece on this program, Mozart’s ever-popular Symphony No.29.

Pre-concert talk

Join MSO Assistant Principal Second Violin, and founding member of PLEXUS, Monica Curro, for a pre-concert conversation at Robert Blackwood Hall from 6.30pm.


指挥:Christopher Moore 地点:蒙纳士大学

请注意:五月份部分火车线路停运,您前往Robert Blackwood Hall音乐厅可能会受到影响。欲知详情,请单击此处。

请注意:五月份部分火车线路停运,您前往Robert Blackwood Hall音乐厅可能会受到影响。欲知详情,请单击此处。

Christopher Moore 指挥/中提琴
Stefan Cassomenos 钢琴

帕特 《纪念本杰明·布里顿之歌》
布里顿 《回旋协奏曲》
布里顿 《年轻的阿波罗》
莫扎特 《 小夜曲》
莫扎特 《第29号交响曲》


钢琴手热情的演奏喷薄而出,弦乐手激情的演绎宛转悠扬;在本杰明·布里顿的 《回旋协奏曲》 中,乐团和钢琴手Stefan Cassomenos珠联璧合,气势磅礴的音乐元素相互碰撞融合。

钢琴手热情的演奏喷薄而出,弦乐手激情的演绎宛转悠扬;在本杰明·布里顿的 《回旋协奏曲》 中,乐团和钢琴手Stefan Cassomenos珠联璧合,气势磅礴的音乐元素相互碰撞融合。

在首席中提琴手Christopher Moore的指挥下,这首铿锵有力、感情丰沛的作品将首次由墨尔本交响乐团演奏,是乐团的历史性时刻。

此外,墨尔本交响乐团还将演奏阿尔沃·帕特为缅怀英国作曲家而特别创作的 《纪念本杰明·布里顿之歌》 ,用音乐讲述布里顿从少年时期直至其对后世影响的故事。一声钟响,弦乐起于最高音区,同时,低音大提琴以最低音与之协奏悠扬回荡。




曲目表上最后一首作品是莫扎特广受欢迎的 《第29号交响曲》 ,节奏明快,将之前庄严肃穆的氛围一扫而空。


Monica Curro是墨尔本交响乐团第二小提琴手首席的助理兼PLEXUS创始成员,她将从晚6:30起在Robert Blackwood音乐厅与观众进行音乐会前的交流,欢迎届时参加。

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