Tutti: MSO x Circus Oz

Classic Kids for Schools (Primary)


Tickets: $15.50 per ticket, 1 free teacher per 10 students

About the performance

From terrifying tricks to tremendous tempos, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Circus Oz will defy all odds in a brand-new collaboration this September.

Expect a dazzling evening of excitement, and thrilling acrobatics as moments of pure risk, beauty, complexity, virtuosity and maybe even some irreverence, come together to celebrate the common thread between music and silence, circus and stillness, tension and release.

MSO musicians will perform beneath a spanning truss arch reminiscent of a violin bridge while the circus artists will emerge throughout the performance, balancing on giant strings and physically forming the shape of music in this truly spectacular show of aerial work, acrobatics and a dose of classical music!

A suite of curriculum-linked pre-concert resources will be issued to all school ticket holders prior to your excursion, extending your school’s experience well beyond the concert itself.

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Circus Oz

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