Evanescence Synthesis with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Friday 16 February 2018 at 7:30pm


Evanescence return to Melbourne this February for Synthesis Live – a reimagining of some of the iconic band’s best-loved songs performed with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Evanescence will tour Australia with the spotlight on the orchestrally arranged tracks from the new album Synthesis, out November 10, teamed with extraordinary electronics, combined with the band and Amy Lee’s virtuoso piano and voice.

“The recording is very much tied to the live experience we want to create,” says Amy. “I’m anxiously excited to play some much more involved, challenging piano for the show, and to focus on singing live more like the way I do in the studio.” Members of the band won’t just be accompanied by the orchestra, but will be embedded in the joined ensemble as a single unit, a presentation that marks the performance as a true theatrical event, again synthesizing the experience of seeing a classic orchestra in a theatre and a band.”

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