MSO + Frank Woodley: The Composer is Dead


Lemony Snicket and Nathaniel Stookey The Composer is Dead

Frank Woodley your charming host/inspector
Brett Kelly conductor

All tickets $29!

Uh oh, there’s dreadful news from the concert hall: the composer is dead!

The MSO teams up with one of the legends of Australian comedy, Frank Woodley, for The Composer is Dead, a unique introduction to the orchestra incorporating all the humour and wit of Lemony Snicket.

Inspector Woodley will endeavour to solve the mystery of one dead composer – and a whole orchestra of suspects! He will cast a quizzical eye over the strings section, and look a little bit closer at the suspicious-looking brass. He will investigate the percussionists, and there are questions over the winds’ alibi…

The Composer is Dead is a brilliant musical whodunit and a wonderful introduction to the symphony orchestra, with text by Lemony Snicket and music by Nathaniel Stookey. Spend a Saturday with family, friends, Frank and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

In Snicket’s own words; “I like to think of The Composer is Dead as a gateway drug that will lead to a life-long addiction to classical music…It’s like an episode of Law and Order combined with a symphony by Shostakovich”

Suitable for ages 6+

“For any child and parent familiar with the grandeur of classical orchestral music The Composer is Dead is guaranteed to amuse and delight by the mere charm of simple story told well.” – Australian Stage

“This was an orchestral concert with attitude. It had growly bits, thumpy bits and farty bits, loud bits and soft noises. And, judging from the rapt response of the audience, everything else in-between.” –

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