Metropolis New Music Festival


Saturday 5 April 2014 at 8:00pm

Melbourne Recital Centre, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall


Sibelius Tapiola
Rautavaara Violin Concerto
Aronowicz Strange Alchemy* (World Premiere)
Mustonen Symphony No.1 (Australian Premiere)

Olli Mustonen conductor
Kristian Winther violin
Juha Kotilainen baritone

The boundary between myth and reality is easily crossed in dark forests and frozen expanses of the north, where encounters with the spirit-world are a regular danger.

This fairy-tale landscape has shaped the work of three Finnish composers. Jean Sibelius, a national and musical hero, invokes the forest god Tapiola. Tapiola is music to be lost in, a journey through ‘thick, dark forests that dream wild dreams, forever secret’. Einojuhani Rautavaara is an heir of Sibelius’ visionary insight into other worlds. The soloist in his spellbinding Violin Concerto spins a thread of sound across a musical landscape that contrasts delicate beauty with elemental force.

The baritone in Olli Mustonen’s First Symphony sings of a man taken by Death on a sleigh-ride into an icy eternity. Mustonen says, “In the music one can hear some kind of gates opening, revealing new, mysterious worlds”. It is a magical showcase for the MSO lead by the composer.

*This work has been commissioned as part of the MSO’s Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers Program.

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