Metropolis New Music Festival

Concert Champêtre

Saturday 12 April 2014 at 8:00pm


Kaila Cello Concerto (Australian Premiere)
Shchedrin Music for Strings, Oboes, Horns and Celeste (Australian Premiere)
Kokkonendurch einen Spiegel… (Australian Premiere)
Mustonen Concerto champêtre (Australian Premirere)

Olli Mustonen conductor
Marko Ylönen cello

Olli Mustonen’s pastoral Concert champêtre was inspired by the colourful history of a country manor house, evoking its courtly residents, Finnish folk life and the awe-inspiring nature around it. It ends with a mysterious and fantastic vision of spirits and shamans in the primeval forests. The unique and uncompromising voice of Joonas Kokkonen (1921-1996) made him one of the most distinguished of Finland’s composers. …durch einen Spiegel… explores the tensile strength of the string section in a kaleidoscopic chain of melody embellished by the other worldly chimes of a harpsichord, as if seen ‘through a glass darkly’. Young Finnish composer Ilari Kaila’s concerto embraces the cello’s warm and expansive sound and its gift for song, setting it in a web of magical orchestral sonority. Cellist Marko Ylönen is one of Finland’s leading musicians, and a passionate advocate of his country’s contemporary music.

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