Student Membership

MSO Student Membership

All tickets $20!

Local and international students can save money and enjoy the world-class Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for just $20. A student membership gives you access to purchase $20 tickets to many MSO concerts throughout the year.

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Sign up for your free 2021 student membership in 4 steps:

Step One
Read these T&Cs.

Step Two
You need to have an MSO account to register for a Student Membership and must be 18 years or over.
Please login to your account or set one up.
If you are already logged in, skip to Step Three.

Step Three
Once you are logged into your account (or if you are already logged in) complete this registration form. If you held a Student Membership in previous years, you will have to register again for 2021.

Step Four
Select your concert(s) from this list.

And remember to always keep an eye out for the Student Membership icontudent Membership icon!

Please note: Student Memberships are available for full-time students who are aged 18 and over. Memberships are only valid for the calendar year.

If you or your child are under the age of 18 please access our $20 Child Price tickets available for most MSO performances. Click here for a full list of eligible concerts.