Sir Andrew Davis conducts the MSO

Current Supporters

Thank you for your support

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the support of its Patrons. Patrons are individuals and organisations who support the Orchestra through annual, tax deductible donations of $1000 and above. MSO thanks the following private individuals and organisations for their kind patronage.

MSO Patron

The Honourable Linda Dessau AC Governor of Victoria

Honorary Appointments

Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO |
Mr John Gandel AC and Mrs Pauline Gandel AC | Life members
Sir Elton John CBE | Life member
Harold Mitchell AC | Life member
Lady Potter AC CMRI | Life member
Jeanne Pratt AC | Life member
Tan Dun | Artistic Ambassador
Geoffrey Rush AC | Artistic Ambassador

John Brockman OAM | Life member
The Honourable Alan Goldberg AO QC | Life member
Dr Roger Riordan AM | Life member
Ila Vanrenen | Life member

Chairman’s Circle

Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO
Gandel Philanthropy
The Gross Foundation
Di Jameson
Harold Mitchell Foundation
David Li AM and Angela Li
Harold Mitchell AC
MS Newman Family Foundation
Lady Potter AC CRMI
The Cybec Foundation
The Pratt Foundation
The Ullmer Family Foundation
Anonymous (1)

Artist Chair Benefactors

The Cybec Foundation – Cybec Assistant Conductor Chair Nicholas Bochner
The Ullmer Family Foundation – Concertmaster Chair Sophie Rowell
Young Composer in Residence Jordan Moore The Cybec Foundation

Program Benefactors

Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers Program
The Cybec Foundation

Cybec Young Composer in Residence
Supported by The Cybec Foundation

East Meets West
Supported by the Li Family Trust

Digital Transformation
Perpetual Foundation – Alan (AGL) Shaw Endowment

Meet The Orchestra
Supported by The Ullmer Family Foundation

MSO School Season, Ignite, MSO Live Online
Crown Resorts Foundation
Packer Family Foundation

MSO Building Capacity
Gandel Philanthropy
Di Jameson (Senior Manager, Philanthropy and External Affairs)
The Alison Puzey Foundation as part of Equity Trustees Sector Capacity Building Fund supporting Musicians’ iPADs

MSO Education
Supported by Mrs Margaret Ross AM and Dr Ian Ross

MSO International Touring
Harold Mitchell AC
The Ullmer Family Foundation
The Pratt Foundation

MSO Regional Touring
Creative Victoria
Freemasons Foundation Victoria
Robert Salzer Foundation

Musical Acknowledgment of Countries
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
Commonwealth Government through the Australian National Commission for UNESCO

The Pizzicato Effect
The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust
Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Trust
Opalgate Foundation

Sidney Myer Free Concerts
Supported by the Sidney Myer MSO Trust Fund and the University of Melbourne

Platinum Patrons ($100,000+)

Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO
John Gandel AC and Pauline Gandel AC
The Gross Foundation ◊
Di Jameson
David Li AM and Angela Li
MS Newman Family Foundation ◊
Anthony Pratt ◊
The Pratt Foundation
Ullmer Family Foundation ◊
Anonymous (1)

Virtuoso Patrons ($50,000+)

Harold Mitchell AC
Elizabeth Proust AO and Brian Lawrence

Impresario Patrons ($20,000+)

The Hogan Family Foundation
Margaret Jackson AC
David Krasnostein AM and Pat Stragalinos
Mimie MacLaren
John and Lois McKay
Anonymous (1)

Maestro Patrons ($10,000+)

Margaret Billson and the late Ted Billson
Krystyna Campbell-Pretty AM
Ann Darby in memory of Leslie J. Darby
Danny Gorog and Lindy Susskind ◊
Robert & Jan Green
Hilary Hall, in memory of Wilma Collie
Nereda Hanlon and Michael Hanlon AM ◊
Paul Noonan
Ian and Jeannie Paterson
Glenn Sedgwick
Beth Senn
Gai and David Taylor
Anonymous (1)

Principal Patrons ($5000+)

Christine and Mark Armour
Rosemary Ayton and Sam Ricketson AM
Barbara Bell, in memory of Elsa Bell
Lynne Burgess
Kaye and the late David Birks
Stephen and Caroline Brain
David and Emma Capponi
Shirley Chu
John and Lyn Coppock
Wendy Dimmick
Andrew Dudgeon AM ◊
Jaan Enden
Mr Bill Fleming
John and Diana Frew
Susan Fry and Don Fry AO
Sophie Galaise and Clarence Fraser ◊
Geelong Friends of the MSO
R Goldberg and Family
Susan Fry and Don Fry
Leon Goldman
Colin Golvan AM QC and Dr Deborah Golvan
Jennifer Gorog
HMA Foundation
Louis Hamon OAM
Geoff Hayes
Hartmut and Ruth Hofmann
Doug Hooley
Jenny and Peter Hordern
Dr Alastair Jackson AM
Rosemary and James Jacoby
Suzanne Kirkham
Man Kit Yu
Jerry Koliha and Marlene Krelle
Dr Elizabeth A Lewis AM
Caroline Liow
Peter Lovell
Lady Marigold Southey
Douglas and Rosemary Meagher
Marie Morton FRSA
Anne Neil
Dr Paul Nisselle AM
The Rosemary Norman Foundation ◊
Ken Ong, in memory of Lin Ong
Jim and Fran Pfeiffer
Andrew and Judy Rogers
Helen Silver AO and Harrison Young
Diana and Brian Snape AM
The Hon. Michael Watt QC and Cecilie Hall
Rhyl Wade and Clem Gruen
Lyn Williams AM
Sophia Yong-Tang
Anonymous (5)

Associate Patrons ($2500+)

Marlyn and Peter Bancroft OAM
Mary Armour
Dandolo Partners
Will and Dorothy Bailey Bequest
Anne Bowden
Julia and Jim Breen
Patricia Brockman
John Brookes
Elizabeth Brown
Roger and Col Buckle
Jill and Christopher Buckley
Oliver Carton
Richard and Janet Chauvel
Breen Creighton
Miss Ann Darby, in memory of Leslie J. Darby
Sandra Dent
Duxton Vineyards
Lisa Dwyer and Dr Ian Dickson AM
Dr Helen M Ferguson
Bill Fleming
Barry Fradkin OAM and Dr Pam Fradkin
Alex and Liz Furman
Dina and Ron Goldschlager
Susan and Gary Hearst
Peter and Jenny Hordern
Jenkins Family Foundation
John Jones
Andrew Johnston
Irene Kearsey and Michael Ridley
Merv Keehn and Sue Harlow
The Ilma Kelson Music Foundation
Kloeden Foundation
Jeanette King
Julie Lamont
Jane Leitinger
Bryan Lawrence
Andrew Lockwood
Shane Mackinlay
Wayne McDonald and Kay Schroer
John and Margaret Mason
H E McKenzie
Allan and Evelyn McLaren
Patricia Nilsson
Bruce Parncutt AO
Alan and Dorothy Pattison
Sue and Barry Peake
Barrie and Heather Power
Don and Anne Meadows
Marie Morton FRSA
Annabel and Rupert Myer AO
Sue and Barry Peake
Mrs W Peart
Christine Peirson and the late Graham Peirson
Julie and Ian Reid
Ruth and Ralph Renard
Peter and Carolyn Rendit
Joan P Robinson and Christopher Robinson
Tom and Elizabeth Romanowski
Elizabeth Rosanove
Liliane Rusek
Mark and Jan Schapper
Jeffrey Sher QC and Diana Sher OAM
Diana and Brian Snape AM
Dr Norman and Dr Sue Sonenberg
Dr Michael Soon
Geoff and Judy Steinicke
Jennifer Steinicke
Frank Tisher OAM and Dr Miriam Tisher
Nic and Ann Willcock
Peter and Susan Yates
Richard Ye
Anonymous (5)

Player Patrons ($1000+)

David and Cindy Abbey
Dr Sally Adams
Jenny Anderson
Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society
Geoffrey and Vivienne Baker
Robbie Barker
Adrienne Basser
Janice Bate and the late Prof Weston Bate
Janet H Bell
Gilbert and Dawn Best
Robbie Boyes
Geoff Brentnall
Eida Brereton
Ian Brighthope
Olivia H Brown
Ronald and Kate Burnstein
Michael F Boyt
Dr John Brookes
Stuart Brown
Suzie Brown OAM and Harvey Brown
Jill and Christopher Buckley
Shane Buggle
Lynda Campbell
Pamela M Carder
Robert B Coles
Sheryl and Paul Coughlin
Andrew Crocket AM and Pamela Crockett
Andrew and Pamela Crockett
Mary and Frederick Davidson AM
Merrowyn Deacon
W and A Deane
Rick and Sue Deering
John and Anne Duncan
Marie Dowling
John and Anne Duncan
Jane Edmanson OAM
Doug Evans
Grant Fisher and Helen Bird
Elizabeth Foster
Simon Gates
David Gibbs and Susie O’Neill
Janette Gill
Mary and Don Glue
Louise Gourlay OAM
Margie and Marshall Grosby
Jennifer Gross
Kay Ehrenberg
Valerie Falconer and the Rayner Family in memory of Keith Falconer
Amy & Simon Feiglin
Grant Fisher and Helen Bird
Applebay Pty Ltd
David Frenkiel and Esther Frenkiel OAM
Greta Goldblatt and the late Merwyn Goldblatt
George Golvan QC and Naomi Golvan
Dr Marged Goode
Prof Denise Grocke AO
Max Gulbin
Dr Sandra Hacker AO and Mr Ian Kennedy AM
Jean Hadges
Paula Hansky OAM
Amir Harel and Dr Judy Carman
Tilda and Brian Haughney
Peter and Lyndsey Hawkins
David H Hennell
Cathy Henry
Dora Hiller
Anthony and Karen Ho
Rod Home
Anna and John Holdsworth
Doug Hooley
Penelope Hughes
Anne Huffam
Geoff and Denise Illing
Kay Jackson
Andrew Jamieson
Paul and Amy Jasper
Peter Jaffe and Judy Gold
Basil and Rita Jenkins
Christian and Jinah Johnston
David and Elizabeth Judd
Angela Kayser
Irene Kearsey and Michael Ridley
Dorothy Karpin
Bruce and Natalie Kellett
Ann Lahore
Janet and Ross Lapworth
Bryan Lawrence
Kerry Landman
Norman Lewis, in memory of Dr Phyllis Lewis
Dr Anne Lierse
Dr Susan Linton
Emily Lo
Margaret Long
Andrew Lockwood
Elizabeth H Loftus
Chris and Anna Long
The Hon Ian Macphee AO and Mrs Julie Macphee
Anette Maluish
Eleanor & Phillip Mancini
Margaret Mcgrath
Eric Meadows
In memory of Leigh Masel
Ruth Maxwell
Lesley McMullin Foundation
Don and Anne Meadows
Wayne and Penny Morgan
Rosemary Nixon AM
Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE and Lady Nossal
Laurence O’Keefe and Christopher James
David O’Connell
Timothy O’Connell
New U Mildura
Alan Poynter in memory of Muriel Poynter
Wilma Plozza-Green
Kerryn Pratchett
Peter Priest
Eli Raskin
Tony and Elizabeth Rayward
Peter and Carolyn Rendit
June and Brian Roberts
Cathy and Peter Rogers
Peter Rose and Christopher Menz
Doug and Elisabeth Scott
Martin and Susan Shirley
Penny Shore
John E Smith
Dr Sam Smorgon AO and Mrs Minnie Smorgon
Norman and Sue Sonenberg
Vaughan Speck
Dr Michael Soon
Lady Southey AC
Dr Peter Strickland
Pamela Swansson
Jenny Tatchell
Tara, Tessa, Melinda and Terence
H. Van Reesma
Jacob and Mavis Varghese
Barry and Julie Wilkins
The Hon. Rosemary Varty
Leon and Sandra Velik
Sue Walker AM
Elaine Walters OAM and Gregory Walters
The Rev Noel Whale
Edward and Paddy White
Marian and Terry Wills Cooke
Richard Withers
Lorraine Woolley
Panch Das and Laurel Young-Das
Shirley and Jeffrey Zajac
Anonymous (21)

Current Conductor’s Circle Members

Jenny Anderson
David Angelovich
G C Bawden and L de Kievit
Lesley Bawden
Joyce Bown
Mrs Jenny Brukner and the late Mr John Brukner
Ken Bullen
Peter A Caldwell
Luci and Ron Chambers
Beryl Dean
Sandra Dent
Alan Egan JP
Gunta Eglite
Mr Derek Grantham
Marguerite Garnon-Williams
Drs L C Gruen and R W Wade
Louis Hamon OAM
Carol Hay
Graham Hogarth
Rod Home
Tony Howe
Laurence O’Keefe and Christopher James
Audrey M Jenkins
John Jones
Mrs Sylvia Lavelle
Pauline and David Lawton
Cameron Mowat
David Orr
Matthew O’Sullivan
Rosia Pasteur
Penny Rawlins
Joan P Robinson
Neil Roussac
Anne Roussac-Hoyne
Suzette Sherazee
Michael Ryan and Wendy Mead
Anne Kieni-Serpell and Andrew Serpell
Jennifer Shepherd
Profs. Gabriela and George Stephenson
Pamela Swansson
Lillian Tarry
Dr Cherilyn Tillman
Mr and Mrs R P Trebilcock
Michael Ullmer
Ila Vanrenen
The Hon. Rosemary Varty
Mr Tam Vu
Marian and Terry Wills Cooke OAM
Mark Young
Anonymous (29)

The MSO gratefully acknowledges the support received from the Estates of:

Angela Beagley
Neilma Gantner
The Hon Dr Alan Goldberg AO QC
Gwen Hunt
Audrey Jenkins
Joan Jones
Pauline Marie Johnston
C P Kemp
Peter Forbes MacLaren
Joan Winsome Maslen
Lorraine Maxine Meldrum
Prof Andrew McCredie
Miss Sheila Scotter AM MBE
Marion A I H M Spence
Molly Stephens
Jennifer May Teague
Albert Henry Ullin
Jean Tweedie
Herta and Fred B Vogel
Dorothy Wood
Enid Florence Hookey
Halinka Tarczynska-Fiddian
Christine Mary Bridgart

Trusts and Foundations

Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation
The Cybec Foundation
Li Family Trust
The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust
The Gross Foundation
Gall Family Foundation
The Archie & Hilda Graham Foundation
Ern Hartley Foundation
The A.L. Lane Foundation
Gwen & Edna Jones Foundation
Sir Andrew and Lady Fairley Foundation
Freemasons Foundation Victoria
Gandel Philanthropy
The Scobie and Claire Mackinnon Trust
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
The Harold Mitchell Foundation
Sidney Myer MSO Trust Fund
Opalgate Foundation
Thomas O’Toole Foundation
Perpetual Foundation – Alan (AGL) Shaw Foundation
Pratt Foundation
The Alison Puzey Foundation as part of Equity Trustees Sector Capacity Building supporting Musicians’ iPADs
Robert Salzer Foundation
Telematics Trust
The Ray & Joyce Uebergang Foundation

The MSO relies on your ongoing philanthropic support to sustain our artists, and support access, education, community engagement and more. We invite our supporters to get close to the MSO through a range of special events.

The MSO welcomes your support at any level. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible, and supporters are recognised as follows: $1,000+ (Player), $2,500+ (Associate), $5,000+ (Principal), $10,000+ (Maestro), $20,000+ (Impresario), $50,000+ (Virtuoso), $100,000+ (Platinum).

The MSO Conductor’s Circle is our bequest program for members who have notified of a planned gift in their Will.


◊ Signifies Adopt an MSO Musician supporter.