Hyon-Ju Newman and David Berlin, Principal Cello

Hyon-Ju Newman and David Berlin, Principal Cello

Adopt a Musician

Come into our world and adopt a MSO Musician

Support the music and the orchestra you love while getting to know your favourite player. Honour their talent, artistry and life-long commitment to music and become part of the MSO family!

Our musicians are the beating heart of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – providing music that motivates and inspires. They are also our hardest workers; devoting countless hours to perfecting their art.

When you adopt a musician, you will
  • Be invited to meet your musician outside of MSO concerts – for coffees, lunches and catch ups throughout the year
  • Be able to follow their career – many of our players are involved in their own projects alongside their work at the MSO
  • Find out what it is like to be a professional musician with a leading orchestra and learn about what goes on behind the scenes
  • Make new friends by getting to know other MSO adopters at our annual Adopt a Musician dinner
  • Receive recognition in MSO concert programs, brochures and website
  • Become closer to your orchestra and the music you love

Adopting an MSO musician is easy
  1. Select your favourite player – explore our musicians’ profiles here
  2. Talk to your friends – you can adopt a player together by forming a syndicate, making adopting an affordable option for your support
  3. Contact us – we will assist you with your adoption and organise your first meeting with your musician!

More information

Get in touch with Erika Jordan

We would be delighted to discuss the advantages of adopting a player and how we will recognise your support. Our musicians can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to our MSO family.

These are our extraordinary supporters, and exceptional orchestral musicians, who are connected via our Adopt a Musician program.

• The Cybec Foundation – Cybec Assistant Conductor Chair, held by Tianyi Lu
• The Ullmer Family Foundation Associate Concertmaster Chair, held by Sophie Rowell
• Anonymous – Principal Flute Chair, held by Prudence Davis
• The Gross Foundation – Principal Second Violin Chair, held by Matty Tomkins
• Di Jameson – Principal Viola Chair, held by Chris Moore
• MS Newman Family Foundation – Principal Cello Chair, held by David Berlin
• Lady Potter AC CMRI – Principal Timpani Chair
• Danny Gorog and Lindy Susskind – Associate Principal Second Violin, held by Monica Curro
• Michael Aquilina – Section Violins, held by Sarah Curro and Kathryn Taylor, Section Viola, held by Chris Cartlidge and Section Cello, held by Michelle Wood
• Chisholm and Gamon – Section Violin, held by Eleanor Mancini
• Andrew and Theresa Dyer – Section Cello, held by Michelle Wood
• Geelong Friends of the MSO – Section Cello, held by Miranda Brockman
• Andrew Dudgeon AM – Section Cello, held by Rohan de Korte
• Sophie Galaise and Clarence Fraser– Section Double Bass, held by Stephen Newton
• The Rosemary Norman Foundation – Section Oboe, held by Ann Blackburn
• Nereda Hanlon and Michael Hanlon AM – Section French Horn, held by Abbey Edlin
• Tim and Lyn Edward – Section Percussion, held by John Arcaro and Section Trombone held by Richard Shirley
• John and Diana Frew – Section Trumpet held by Rosie Turner
• John and Lois McKay – Principal Piccolo, held by Andrew Macleod
• Anonymous – Assistant Principal Cello, held by Nicholas Bochner
• Dr Elizabeth Lewis AM – Section Viola, held by Anthony Chataway
• Maria Solà – Section Viola, held by Gabrielle Halloran and Section Cello, held by Angela Sargeant
• Drs Clem Gruen and Rhyl Wade – Section Percussion, held by Robert
• Sophia Yong-Tang – Section Flute, held by Sarah Beggs