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Friday 14 October 2022

11:00am at Hamer Hall


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Nodoka Okisawa conductor
Yinuo Mu harp
Sopranos and altos of the MSO Chorus
Warren Trevelyan-Jones chorus director


MSO 合唱团女高音及女中音
合唱指导Warren Trevelyan-Jones


Ravel Valses nobles et sentimentales
Melody Eötvös Sonarmilo for Harp and Orchestra (World premiere of an MSO commission)
Debussy Nocturnes


《Sonarmilo竖琴协奏曲》(授权MSO 全球首演)美樂蒂·厄特沃什

About this performance

Celebrated Japanese conductor Nodoka Okinawa joins the MSO to conduct a program exploring the exquisite light and shade of impressionism, dreams, and the other-worldly.

  • Inspired by the glittering ballrooms of high-society Vienna, Ravel’s impressionist take on Austrian Waltzes was originally composed as a work for solo piano. A master orchestrator, Ravel re-arranged this for the full light and shade of the orchestral palette in 1912 – the lively flirtations, gentle breezes and steamy encounters of unchaperoned Viennese nightlife come to life out of Ravel’s musical canvas.
  • Join internationally-acclaimed Yinuo Mu, principal harpist of the MSO, for this world premiere of Australian composer Melody Eötvös’s Harp Concerto – a love-letter to this versatile and beautiful stringed instrument, celebrated from ancient Greece to the modern concert hall.
  • A favourite of French impressionist repertoire, Debussy’s ethereal Nocturnes take us through musical representations of wafting clouds, lively parties, and the mystery of the sirens’ songs inspired by the paintings of American artist James McNeill Whistler.

Duration: approx: 65 minutes, no interval


著名的日本指挥家冲绳Nodoka与MSO 合作演出,探索印象派、梦想和超凡脱俗的精致光影。

  • 受到上流社会维也纳闪闪发光舞厅的启发,拉威尔对奥地利华尔兹的印象派作品最初是作为钢琴独奏作品创作的。作为管弦乐大师,拉威尔在 1912 年重新改版了管弦乐调色板的明暗对比——热闹的调情、轻柔的微风和无人陪伴的维也纳夜生活的烟火气息在拉威尔的音乐画布中栩栩如生地展开。
  • 由国际知名的 MSO 首席竖琴演奏家伊诺·穆领衔演奏澳大利亚作曲家美樂蒂·厄特沃什的竖琴协奏曲全球首演,这是一封写给竖琴,这种从古希腊到现代音乐都广受赞誉的优美的弦乐器的情书。
  • 作为法国印象派曲目的最爱,德彪西空灵的《夜曲》将带我们了解飘荡的云彩、热闹的派对以及受美国艺术家詹姆斯·麦克尼尔·惠斯勒的画作启发的警笛之歌的奥秘。

演出时长:约65 分钟,无中场休息。

COVIDSafe Information

The MSO and the venues in which we perform will operate under government health and safety guidelines in place at the time of the event. We recommend ticket holders follow the Victorian Government’s “How to stay safe & well” advice:

  • Stay home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your distance – stay 1.5 metres away from people you don’t live with where possible
  • Wear a face mask

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