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What am I?

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  • I am part of the chorophone family of instruments
  • Playing this instrument burns about 170 calories per hour!
  • I am made from over 70 unique pieces of wood.

    What instrument am I?

    The violin!

    Chordophones are a group of instruments that generate sound through the vibration of strings. The violin is the highest-pitched member of this family.

    The violin is thought to have been developed in the Middle Ages, with the instrument undertaking numerous design changes since this time. The first violins had much shorter and thicker necks, with strings made from dried and stretched sheep intestines.

    Nowadays, violins are built from over 70 pieces of wood and comprise of several key sections including the neck, the fingerboard, the body and the tailpiece. Another important feature is the sound hole; more commonly called the f-hole as it resembles a lowercase letter ‘f’.