MSO Appoints new Director of Artistic Planning

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The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has appointed Melissa King as its new Director of Artistic Planning.

Melissa King is an internationally respected cultural leader and brings to the MSO over 25 years’ experience in arts management. For 13 years she was Head of Artistic Planning at New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and before that, in artistic planning, development and education at Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

“We are delighted to welcome Melissa to our leadership team,” said Sophie Galaise, MSO Managing Director.

“She is highly regarded for her success in similar positions and brings to the MSO impressive experience, cultural credentials and leadership skills. We are confident she will make a lasting and positive contribution to our organisation,” said Ms Galaise.

The MSO Artistic Planning team is responsible for the vibrancy, quality, inclusiveness and reach of the Orchestra’s programs. It includes a committee of musicians with whom King has been working closely (in an acting capacity) since May 2018. Her vision for the MSO is one of “performances and programs that serve our audiences and the diverse communities we represent”.

“The MSO is a leader in its field and I am honoured to accept this role,” said Ms King.

“Artistic excellence is central to the MSO. Our programming will continue to celebrate both well-loved classics and the newest music in concert experiences of the highest artistic standard. We will also retain our strong commitment to the development of Australian artists, including authentic and creative engagement with indigenous Australian culture.

“Inclusivity, innovation and flexibility are the hallmarks of vibrant modern orchestras: our communities are changing and I look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration with both traditional and non-traditional symphonic partners throughout Victoria,” said Ms King.

Before joining the MSO, Melissa King was CEO of Craft Victoria. Prior to Craft Victoria, she was Head of Artistic Planning at New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. During her 13 years at the NZSO she expanded the Orchestra’s national coverage in a climate of fixed funding for nine years. Under her leadership, opportunities for the development of young musicians also increased with the introduction of the NZSO Fellowship Program and expanded annual New Zealand National Youth Orchestra activity.