MSO Plays La Mer Student Review

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Korowa Anglican Girls’ School Year 10 student, Cindy Zeng is part of the MSO’s young generation of classical music lovers. Cindy was recently invited to attend a performance of MSO Plays La Mer. The former MSO Work Experience student documented her experience, and here it is:

MSO Plays La Mer was a night filled with the music with three pieces of awe-inspiring music shaped by the Dutch conductor, Otto Tausk. The presentation preceding the concert by composer Andrew Aronowicz was informative, yet encouraged the members of the audience to listen to and feel the music in their very own, personal way.

The concert itself opened to a highly-strung turmoil of strings and woodwinds, a piece none other than Stravinsky’s enchanting Scherzo Fantastique. The orchestra played with a sense of excitement and rapid movement, as one phrase strongly approached the next.

The orchestra then presented Debussy’s La Mer, a magical masterpiece detailing Debussy’s love of and appreciation for the sea. Tausk brought out all the colours in this piece as the sound swelled through the hall, creating a beautiful performance with a great energy.

In stark artistic contrast, world-renowned pianist Saleem Ashkar united with the orchestra to deliver a passionate rendition of Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor. The orchestra began the first movement with a strong opening and high energy. This was followed by the calmer and more lyrical second movement, which was played with control and precision, truly bringing out the beauty of Brahms. The concert concluded with the dramatic last movement, Tausk bringing out the amazing dynamics and filling the hall with passionate music.

MSO Plays La Mer was an amazing concert which encapsulated the true beauty of not only each composer, but also the music itself. The three extremely different pieces showed the true skill and talent of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, leading to a night never to be forgotten.

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