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Meet the Musician: Jean Efflam Bavouzet

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Jean Efflam Bavouzet returns to Melbourne this month to perform Ravel’s jazzy Piano Concerto.

Ravel G major is the concerto I play the most every season. Its freshness and light vitality are so infectious I never can get bored with it. Without being as dramatic and powerful as the concerto for the left hand, the g major shares with his “big brother” a fascinating patchwork of music from different styles: Spanish, Chinese and Jazz.

The genius of Ravel is that he combines a mixture of very different music so that ingeniously at the end we have the impression of a great organic whole.

I had the great privilege to study Ravel with Pierre Sancan at the Paris Conservatoire. And as you can hear in his own composition (Sancan won the Grand Prix de Rome of composition paradoxically the exact same competition Ravel failed five times to win!) he was very influenced by Ravel and as a pianist played the concertos in a insurpassable manner. I always think of him when I play Ravel.

I adore Melbourne! I might visit the horizontal moving lift at the top of the Eureka tower again! I will see what is at the museums (the last time I saw a great exhibition on David Bowie at ACMI) and will of course pay a visit to the model train shop near the hall! When I’m not playing music, I’m playing with my Z scale 220/1 model train.

I recently spent the whole night watching Youtube clips of the mind-blowingly talented Jacob Collier. Mozart would have loved him! At just 23 years of age, this jazz musician plays everything from drums to keyboard and sings like an angel. I encourage you to check him out. He is so inspiring!

For more information, and to see Jean Efflam in MSO Plays Ravel, click here