Fiona Campbell

Meet the Musician: Fiona Campbell

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Always the fan of Melbourne, Fiona Campbell is back to take on the part of Myrtale in the upcoming Mid-Season Gala performance of Thais: Opera in Concert.

As one of Australia’s most versatile and beloved classical singers, Fiona Campbell is thrilled to be in Melbourne performing in Thais, “this is my first time involved in a performance [of Thais] and I’m super excited to be working on it with Sir Andrew Davis who clearly knows the piece so intimately and loves it so completely.”

Having performed across the world with different orchestras and ensembles, the renowned mezzo-soprano is pleased to be back in Melbourne, “I have always loved performing with the MSO. But I also love Melbourne because I enjoy visiting the galleries, and exploring the latest groovy bars that have appeared on the scene since the last time I was in town!” Of course, her life isn’t all about being on stage and visiting amazing cities, “I love the outdoors, trekking in the bush, walking along the beach… occasionally I surf, badly I might add! But I live for time with my family and friends, especially with fine wine and sugar involved!”

During her downtime, Fiona teaches music to disadvantaged children, “It’s important and invaluable,” as well as creating and developing footage for her YouTube web series, In the Dressing Room, which takes audiences behind the scenes and showcases interviews with some of Australia’s biggest musical talents.