Johannes Fritzsch

Meet the Conductor: Johannes Fritzsch

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Returning to Australia to conduct MSO Plays Schumann 3 Johannes Fritzsch is thrilled to be conducting a piece written by one of his musical icons.

Growing up I loved playing Schumann’s music on the piano, his music is very dear to me. I always imagined that he might have spoken with the same German accent as I do because his family comes from the same part of Saxony, the German state, as mine. I’m looking forward to conducting this piece with the MSO. I have such fond memories of our last concerts, including the recording of Brahms’ Requim that we did some years ago.

It’s a truly romantic program that I’m conducting. I find it so amazing that music that was written 150 years ago still speaks to us, moves our hearts, and makes us happy. I am also excited to be including Trojahn’s piece Cinque Sogni per Eusebius which he wrote for the Schumann anniversary in 2010. It’s five short and wonderful movements in contemporary language by a composer who lives and works in Dusseldorf, the very place where Schumann wrote his famous Rhenish symphony.