Meet Warwick Fyfe, Baritone

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Warwick Fyfe speaks about the time a conductor fell on him and his favourite coffee spot.

I love Melbourne. I met my wife here. I think that Melbourne is so much better than Sydney. Melbourne is the preferred domicile of the discerning, civilized Aussie city slicker. The coffee is the best. I love going to this café on Degraves Street for breakfast, and I’m especially happy when Justin the barista is on duty!

I love the book shops, the galleries, and the food. It’s great to be back in Melbourne, performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. I first performed Carmina Burana in Singapore many years ago. I got very sick which made things almost impossible. But to make matters worse in the first performance the conductor, an excitable fellow, lost his footing and fell off the podium… onto me! I’ll never forget that night. Hopefully it doesn’t happen in Melbourne!

I’m really looking forward to seeing some films at the Nova Cinema, in Carlton while I’m here. As well as going to some art galleries! The Ensor Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London inspired me so much when I saw it recently, and it really made me want to live in a huge art gallery one day.

See Warwick Fyfe perform in Carmina Burana on Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Monday 24 April at Arts Centre Melbourne, Hamer Hall.