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Join the Mahler Syndicate

Lovers of the music of composer Gustav Mahler are invited to join the Mahler Cycle Syndicate, a special interest group exclusive to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Mahler Syndicate membership is $5,000 ($500 + tax deductible donation of $4,500). Members receive exclusive invitations to specially curated events allowing you to become part of a close community of fellow Mahler enthusiasts. Highlights from 2015 include a performance of
Mahler Lieder by Australian mezzo soprano Liane Keegan in the surrounds of the illustrious Australia Club; the Hon Dr Barry Jones AC helping us imagine Mahler at a lunch event and Chief Conductor Sir Andrew Davis giving us his insights into interpreting Mahler’s work at a behind-the-scenes rehearsal.

In 2016 the major cultural journey continues as Sir Andrew’s Mahler cycle reaches the halfway point with Mahler 5 in March. Its triumphant conclusion reflects a joyous period of Mahler’s life — his successful romance with Alma Schindler. Mahler 6, performed in June- July, is the complete opposite, given the epithet “Tragic”, it’s one of the darkest but most powerful of his symphonies.

Be part of this very special group and join today. For enquiries please call Judy Turner on (03) 9626 1551 or email philanthropy@mso.com.au

Book both Mahler concerts and save up to $24 on the price of individually purchased tickets*.

*Offer only valid for performances on Monday 21 March and Saturday 2 July. Prices subject to change.