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What I Did This Summer: Michelle Wood

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MSO Cellist Michelle Wood has already had a very productive summer. From travelling to Europe to moving house, she has definitely made the most of her break! Here’s what she got up to…

1. Moved to South Melbourne! Totally in love with everything about it. Walking four minutes to get freshly shucked oysters isn’t going to get old in a hurry.

2. Had six weeks in Europe that was (for once) less work and more holiday.


Michelle and her husband in Paris for New Year’s Eve with one of her closest friends, and her fiancé

3. Spent my first ever Christmas in the northern hemisphere at my besties house in Berlin with her and my husband. Bliss.

4. Discovered a new favourite song by a band that played at the same festival as I did in Berlin. The Villagers – Nothing Arrived. So pretty…and it will always remind me of Berlin now. I love how music does that.


Michelle in rehearsal for Stargaze Festival at Volksbühne in Berlin

5. Discovered no less than five places in Berlin with great coffee run by Aussies. I think I must have been born with some sort of antipodean caffeine homing device.

6. Saw two operas in two countries in two days and didn’t have to play in either of them!

7. Packed and moved house four days after getting back from Europe….this does not come highly recommended.

8. Visited Brahms’s final resting place on a whim, just before Christmas when I left Vienna. Standing in the cold twilight thanking him for some pieces very dear to me was incredibly special.

9. Rode bikes all around Paris.


Michelle hurtling around Paris on a bike

10. Fell off a bike whilst riding all around Paris.

11. Watched my dear friend teach piano for an afternoon and realised what a gift it is to be able to inspire young students like she does.

12. Realised once again how much I miss my two closest friends (who live in Europe most of the year). Seeing them is amazing. Leaving always hurts.

13. Had huge withdrawals from not tutoring at Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp (which I’d done the last two years). I think the modern parlance is FOMO?!!

14. Had my first genuine break from cello (more than two weeks) in a very very long time. Maybe even since 2001. I think I needed it, but am loving being back.

15. Realised that as much as I love Europe, I couldn’t live in a landlocked country. I need the water.

16. I bought a bike. It’s beautiful. I might even get a basket for it. I think I’m more excited now than I was when i got one as a kid…


Michelle’s new bike

17. Started swimming training again. It was my life until I was 16 and I’ve missed it.

18. Spent a weekend in Sydney with a friend, doing things I never get time for. Walking. Sitting in a park. Lying in the sunshine. It was blissful.

19. I piled up the music I have to learn in the first few weeks of this year. Frightening but exciting.

20. Missed my dear friends in MSO. We work hard during the year so we all need the rest, but I can’t wait to see them all again.