The Godfather

The Godfather

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An offer you can’t refuse

The melancholic theme tune to The Godfather is intrinsically linked to one of the most popular and acclaimed motion pictures of all time. This live performance of Nino Rota’s acclaimed score is a chance for audiences to hear and see The Godfather as never before, with a full orchestra bringing Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic film to life.

Rota was chosen as composer due to his scores for Italian films by Fellini and Visconti, which Coppola felt would give his film the appropriate ‘Italian’ tone. The Godfather was voted by the American Film Institute as #5 in their greatest film scores of all time.

Winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture, The Godfather, and its sequels, have become part of popular culture both in the USA and across the world. This is an offer you can’t refuse.