Beethoven Festival

Beethoven Festival: The Piano Concertos

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British pianist Paul Lewis will take on the legacy of a musical giant when he performs all five of Beethoven’s revolutionary Piano Concertos.

Beethoven is said to have played the piano in a manner never before heard or conceived – a manner as powerful as his personality. Strings were broken, hammers were splintered and a whole new realm of composition was brought to the fore.

‘There is definitely some kind of journey from the first to the last Piano Concerto. To my mind it tells very specific, individual and valuable things about Beethoven. Each piece is unique.’ So says Beethoven Festival guest soloist Paul Lewis. Audiences have the rare treat of hearing all five performed by the MSO and the great British pianist.

The journey through Beethoven’s iconic concertos is punctuated by music composed before and after Beethoven: Haydn’s last symphonies and works by Schoenberg, Berg and Webern.

Lewis’ performance and recording of these works has been described as ‘a cycle to live with’ (Gramophone magazine): these performances are sure to stay with you long after they have ended.