An Alpine Symphony

An Alpine Symphony

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The hills are alive.

Embark on a momentous adventure with the MSO as part of An Alpine Symphony, Richard Strauss’ exhilarating tone poem. Let Sir Andrew Davis guide you on an ascent to the summit, traversing a meadow, a glacier and a storm, and watching both dawn break and sun set on this Alpine journey.

As a boy, Strauss experienced an Alpine trek similar to the one he depicts in his piece, and at the time of composition he lived at the foot of Germany’s highest peak. His love for the mountains is evident in every note of this music – he even includes a wind machine and a thunder machine to create the storm!

With 125 musicians, this is no small scale work. It requires an orchestra even larger than the one Wagner assembled for the Ring, including nine horns (plus another dozen off stage), organ, cowbells, an esoteric bass oboe known as a heckelphone – and the list goes on. Audiences should look forward to one of the biggest performances by the MSO this season.