MSO Classroom Live Online

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

MSO Classroom Live Online is an exclusive opportunity for students nominated by schools to take part in the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series, supported by the Victorian Government. MSO’s Cybec Assistant Conductor Nicholas Bochner brings rich and intellectually stimulating content directly to high-ability students in Victoria through live, interactive sessions. The accompanying MSO performances provide world class quality examples to underpin the conversation, which will attract and inspire students looking to extend themselves.

MSO Classroom Live Online is divided into three categories, each including extensive musical examples from the orchestra to complement the discussion.

Interactive webinars encompass multiple learning areas including English Literature, Visual Arts and History as well as Music (Performance, Styles & Composition). Each session will target difference learning areas; see descriptions for further details.

VCE Exam Preparation (Music) will include specialist guest teachers in conversation with Nicholas to deliver a captivating and unique session.

MSO Curriculum Concerts (commencing in 2021) are live concert experiences which feature repertoire relevant for students studying Music, encompassing both Australian (post 1970) and other great works.

Register in advance below to take part! Students, parents and teachers will be contacted with links to join in advance of sessions. Resources will be available for download two weeks before each session.

2020 Term 3

MSO Classroom Live Online 1: Exploring Schumann’s Symphony No. 2 and Literary Influences

Interactive Webinar
An exploration of 19th Century music and literature through Schumann’s glorious Symphony No.2 and the influential literary figures of the time.

Students will:

  • Hear detailed insights from the musician and researcher perspective
  • See recent MSO footage to support musical and conceptual understanding
  • Make cross-curricular links between English Literature and Music in historical social contexts

MSO Classroom Live Online 1
Suitable for: High-ability Music and English (Literature) students in Years 8-12
Date and Time: Monday 7 September, 6.30pm – 8pm
Cost: FREE!

MSO Classroom Live Online 2: VCE Exam preparation

Students join Nicholas Bochner in a timely in-depth conversation with VCE Music Specialist James Le Fevre (Head of Music, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School) in preparation for Unit 4 exams. This session will support students as they prepare for Unit 4 exams, with a focus on Listening Response.

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony will provide the backdrop for this important and practical session.

Students will:

  • Hear detailed insights from the musician perspective
  • See recent MSO footage to support musical and conceptual understanding
  • Be guided through practical examples focusing on exam outcomes

MSO Classroom Live Online 2
Suitable for: High-ability VCE Music students
Date and Time: Monday 21 September, 6.30pm – 8pm (school holidays)
Cost: FREE!

2020 Term 4

MSO Classroom Live Online 3: Interactive Webinar

To be announced!

Suitable for: High-ability students in Years 9-12
Date and Time: Monday 12 October, 6.30pm – 8pm (school holidays)
Cost: FREE!

For further information, please contact Stephen Gould, Learning, Engagement and Innovation Coordinator at