Meet the Orchestra: Bamboozled

Presented as part of the Meet the Orchestra Bamboozled program in 2016, Paul Rissmann’s comprehensive resource is now available to download from this page.

Before attending the concert, it is important to teach your students the participation parts. This resource contains five key elements:

1. Bamboozled Prezi Pack (below), use this presentation to teach your students the participation parts. See how to navigate instructions below:

– Enable full screen (icon at bottom right of the Prezi window)
– Allow full screen with keyboard controls
– Navigate through the Prezi using arrow keys or the spacebar (ie. dont press the play button)

2. PDF MTO Teacher Pack, read this for full information about the Meet the Orchestra program (attached left)
4. PDF Bamboozled Presentation (below)
5. Bamboozled Sound Cloud tracks, use these tracks to rehearse with your students (below)

If you have any further questions regarding resources, please do not hesitate to contact the MSO Education office via phone (03) 9626 1198 or email

Bamboozled Prezi Pack

Bamboozled Presentation

Bamboozled Sound Cloud