Activities by outcome

Behaviour Management

Preventing challenging behaviour is more desirable than having to address it. By making the classroom more engaging through educational and fun activities, students are more likely to be attentive and willing to learn. Try any of these activities to set up your class to succeed on a daily basis.


Approach curriculum from a new perspective and teach students through our fun activities.

Brain Breaks

Our music-infused circuit breakers encourage student to either focus, recharge or regulate; or relax and recentre themselves.

Body Movement

The most effective way to wake up brains and bodies is to move. These activities are short and sharp, and therefore easily incorporated into a busy classroom when required.

Team Building

A group that plays together, works together. Team building is such an important skill for life, so it pays to practise it at a young age.

Community Building

We all want to belong and the classroom is the perfect opportunity to create a supportive community for students.