Proudly supported by the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program, PizzIMMERSION is designed to give generalist classroom teachers a fun and accessible entry point into delivering music-inspired learning experiences in the classroom. This program is a new branch of The Pizzicato Effect, which is the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s (MSO) flagship community music program working proudly in partnership with the City of Hume, Meadows Primary School, Second Bite and Spectrum. The Pizzicato Effect provides free string instrumental and musicianship tuition to children living in the City of Hume in Victoria, Australia. The program is closely aligned with the principles of El Sistema; the internationally-celebrated music program in Venezuela that promotes the benefits of communal music-making to children’s development.

In the PizzIMMERSION program, Teaching Artists from The Pizzicato Effect share their tools and experience for teachers to explore with their own students. These fun and educational professional learning sessions and digital resources are designed to boost teachers’ confidence. Our music-inspired activities are fun to lead, and fun to participate in. The best part? Anyone can deliver them as no musical background is required!

What do participants say about the PizzIMMERSION program?

“The PL was fantastic and came at a great time. Our Inquiry topic for term 4 is The Power of Music. The Grade 1 and 2 team is excited about incorporating what we have learnt from this PL into our lessons and we have created a book of lesson plans that we will use that were supplied on your website. Thank you very much!”

“I’ve used the counting and walking activity already – my kids love it, and are challenged by keeping in time once I stop counting out loud. We try to practise every day after lunch and they are getting better and better at keeping in time.”

“The resources on your website are fantastic and very user friendly for the classroom. Our Grade one/two team is teaching an inquiry unit in Term 4 called ‘The Power of Music’ and we are utilising the activities presented in your workshop as well as your resources”

“The content was engaging and it was refreshing to get some new ideas that easily bring music into the classroom. As a Performing Arts specialist I found the activities useful and there were some really useful activities especially for upper primary which are often hard to find. Thank you for your time and effort, I will be using some of your activities in the future!”

Come and be a part of MSO’s PizzIMMERSION Professional Learning sessions!

This program is open to generalist teachers and schools in the Hume area and surrounds (contact us to confirm your eligibility), completely free of charge thanks to the Department of Education and Training Victoria through its Strategic Partnerships Program.

For more information or to register your interest in our upcoming sessions as an individual or school please contact us at education@mso.com.au.

The presence of music can dramatically alter the way a classroom functions which is why we recommend regular engagement with PizzIMMERSION activities for maximum benefit. Why not begin in the morning and engage students first thing, setting the tone for a productive day? Or perhaps when concentration is flagging after lunch – any time at all! Of course they are also perfect at the start of the year or as a CRT when getting to know your class, during a wet day timetable, or on camp.

Finally, once students are familiar with the activities, build confidence by encouraging them to lead.
We hope you thoroughly enjoy watching your students have fun and learn with the PizzIMMERSION tools!

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria, through the Strategic Partnerships Program.
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This program is proudly supported by MSO Development Partner, Berry Street.
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