Suzanne Lee

Double Bass

Suzanne Lee has been a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Double Bass section since 1985. Suzanne started playing piano at the age of six and took up the double bass at the age of 15 and studied under Tom Howley. She continued to study piano throughout her VCE and on graduating when to the Victoria College of the Arts studying piano and double bass for a year. After leaving the VCA she studied at the Melbourne Conservatorium for several years while working casually for the MSO and Orchestra Victoria.

At 24, on her mother’s orders, she went to Sydney to work with the ABC Training Orchestra and during this time also worked with the Sydney Symphony and Australian Chamber Orchestra while continuing her study under John Gray. In 1985 she won her role in the MSO and moved back to Melbourne where she has been since.

She is married with one daughter and a zoo of animals including, horses, a dog, two cats and a rabbit.