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Work Experience at the MSO

Due to COVID-19, we are unfortunately not yet able to accept applications for 2021. Please check back at the end of Term 1 for more information.

What does Work Experience at MSO involve?

The MSO is proud to present its Work Experience students with the opportunity to engage in a program inspired by Work Inspiration, a work experience framework pioneered by NAB that has shown to have great benefit for student engagement in their industry of choice. Our program affords students meaningful, well-rounded engagement with MSO as a major performing arts company, as well as the arts sector more broadly.

Placements are run in a group format. During their time with the MSO, students will have the opportunity to meet with and interview musicians and staff, mix with MSO’s industry-leading artistic team, observe orchestral rehearsals, explore Melbourne’s arts precinct, and gain access to discounted offers on concert tickets. Most of all, students will come away from their placement with a broad understanding of the role played by the MSO – as a cornerstone of Melbourne’s rich cultural heritage – in the Victorian and Australian performing arts industries.

Who can apply?

Perhaps you’re an instrumental musician, or perhaps you’re interested in a career in arts management career. You may even just be curious about the arts industry and want to know more! The most important thing is that you love music and want to explore some different avenues for developing your passion into a career.

We welcome applications by all students attending Secondary School in Australia aged 15 years+ as of the placement date (from July 2021). The MSO is able to accept up to 30 students per placement and will ordinarily hold 2, three-day placements. Please note that in the event we have more applications than places available, preference will be given to students who applied for the 2020 program and those attending schools in Victoria.

2021 Work Experience dates

Term 3, dates tbc

What do students say about Work Experience at the MSO?

I loved this program. I had no idea how much work everyone does and what they do. Really would like to do arts admin for a career

The MSO is a family and I want to be part of it. I learned how much it means and what you love to do as a team.

[The most enjoyable aspect was] talking with the MSO musicians and gaining a better understanding of putting on a performance.

[I] really enjoyed how I felt comfortable and in my element with everyone else.

What if I have questions?

Great! Please feel free to contact Schools Program Manager, Sylvia Hosking at or on (03) 8646 1216.