Thaïs: Opera in Concert

Mid Season Gala


Massenet Thaïs

Sir Andrew Davis conductor
Erin Wall soprano (Thaïs)
Quinn Kelsey baritone (Athanaël)
Diego Silva tenor (Nicias)
Daniel Sumegi bass (Palémon / Servant)
Liane Keegan alto (Albine)
Jacqueline Porter soprano (Crobyle)
Fiona Campbell mezzo-soprano (Myrtale)
Eva Kong soprano (La Charmeuse)
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus

Prepare to ride every rocky moment in Massenet’s famous rollercoaster of purity, piety and lust.

Set in Byzantine, Thaïs by French composer Massenet tells the story of a monk named Athanaël (Quinn Kelsey), who attempts to convert an Alexandrian courtesan, Thaïs (Erin Wall), to Christianity.

His belief that he is doing God’s work comes unstuck when he realises that he was in fact driven by desire the whole time – a realisation that unfortunately only strikes once he has had Thaïs carted off to a nunnery to have her sins absolved. Dismayed, Athanaël repudiates his vows and rushes to find a sickly Thaïs on her deathbed. Despite his declarations of love, will he be able to keep her alive?

The MSO and MSO Chorus are thrilled to be bringing this opera to Melbourne audiences in concert form, with Chief Conductor Sir Andrew Davis sure to make this rendition a cherished experience for passionate opera lovers and newcomers alike.

Running time: 2 hours and 10 minutes


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